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What is Minerva's smarter approach to real estate? Our company heavily invests in technology that allows agents to office in a virtual environment. The Minerva Website incorporates prospecting tools, client management solutions, transaction and document management solutions, and communication tools that keep an open line between you, the broker, and your prospects/clients. Our virtual office approach also reduces the broker's overhead which means higher commission payouts for our agents. In short, Minerva's smarter approach to real estate means increasing our agent's connectivity, productivity, and profitability.

What type of agent best fits Minerva's smarter approach? In addition to the traditional characteristics that make-up a good agent (independence, being sales oriented, focused, and driven to succeed), agents that prefer a referral-based approach to generating business and utilize online social media as a means to prospect are those who thrive, most often, from Minerva's smart business approach.

What types of Agents does Minerva Sponsor? We sponsor Full-Time, Part-Time, Referral-Only* New, and/or Experienced Agents. We classify our agents by 4 types: Associate, Senior, Managing, or Referral-Only Agents.

What's an Associate Agent? An agent with less than 24 month (2 years) of industry experience or an agent who practices real estate part-time.

What's a Senior Agent? An agent with more than 2 years experience and is registered with the broker as being a full-time agent.

What is a Managing Agent? An agent (Senior) who has been certified, by an outside sales-training affiliate, to mentor/train associate agents.

What is a Referral-Only Agent*? A Referral-Only agent is an agent who receives a fee for referring clients but can not directly transact in real estate. This type of agent is required to keep their real estate licensed active with TREC but not required to join any real estate board(s) (i.e. NAR, TAR, METROTEX, Etc.).

What is Minerva's commission pay-out structure?

  • Associate/Part-Time Agents   -   80/20 split (agent/broker)*
  • Senior/Managing Agents   -   100% less a $350 per Trans Fee*
      *Fees/Commissions paid to Broker cap-out at $14,000 per year for all agent types

Does Minerva Offer Agent Incentives/Bonuses? Yes, agents that recruit other agents receive 10% of each and every transaction fee generated by the agent they recruited. Also, Senior Agents have the opportunity to earn bonuses for training/mentoring Associated Agents with less than 2 years experience. (Earn up-to $7,000 per agent per year).

Are there Monthly Office Fees? There is a nominal monthly office fee, but the benefits paid for via this fee include unlimited yards signs, technology improvements, and your E&O Insurance. Fees are as follows:

  • Associate/Part-Time Agents   -   $50 a month
  • Senior/Managing Agents   -   $125 a month

What does a Referral-Only Agent* get paid? A Referral-Only agent earns 25% of the gross collected commission for each closed transaction they refer. There is no transaction or monthly fee charged to a Referral-Only Agent.

What kind of sales training does Minerva offer? Minerva offers sales training with an emphasis on building a referral-based book of business. Statistics show this approach generates the highest level of return on investment and accommodates a wide variety of agent personality types. The training is taught by a course certified mentor who has also been approved by the broker.

How long has Minerva Realty been in Business? We incorporated (S-Corp) in 2007 and opened our doors for business July 19th 2009.

Who is the Sponsoring Broker for Minerva Realty? Our current sponsoring broker is Chris Schilling who is one of the principal founders of Minerva Realty. Chris has over eight years of experience covering both residential and commercial real estate. Prior to his real estate career Chris worked in the investment finance industry starting with Merrill Lynch in 1995.

How Accessible is the Sponsoring Broker? Chris Schilling actively participates in the business and he makes himself very accessible to agents. Most often than not, reaching him is as simple as a single phone call.

How do I get additional information about Minerva Realty? Contact our Career Development Department (877-339-6463, Ext 2) to get all your questions answered.

How do I inquire about becoming a Minerva Agent? Contact our Career Development Department (877-339-6463, Ext 2) to set up a meeting with our Sponsoring Broker.

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* Referral-Only agents are not agents of Minerva Realty, Corp., but rather, are sponsored by a Minerva affiliate Real Estate Brokerage.

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